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PR133 Automatic calibration device for transformer temperature controller



      This device is the only calibration device that is specially designed for the “oil surface temperature control device for transformer”. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, high automation, batch calibration and so on.
Measurement and calibration basis:
NO.  Regulations Code Regulations Name
1 JB/T6302-2005 Oil surface temperature controller for transformer
2 JB/T8450-2005 Winding temperature controller for transformer
3 JJG229-2010 Verification regulation of platinum and copper thermal resistance for industrial
4 JJG310-2002 Verification regulation of pressure type thermometer
5 JJG1183-2007 Calibration specification for temperature transmitters
6 JJG226-2001 Verification regulation of bimetallic thermometer

System Features:

   1. Heat tube technology is applied to the system,witch changed the traditional way of raising and lowering temperature, completely solved the calibration problems of flume cooling rate, and fully improved the efficiency of work. 6 thermostats can be tested at the same time.
   2. Special test bench which integrates suspension, wiring, test, communication, status display and so on was equipped, and it is compact appearance, convenient wiring, and flexible use.
   3. The program can be used to control the temperature of the heat pipe cooling, automatic measurement, and automatic data processing and so on.
   4. Compound calibration: Many projects can be completed in a process of heating and cooling such as indication calibration, contact signal acquisition, remote signal measurement etc..
   5. Contact deviation adjustment: Special procedures for the adjustment of the contacts were provided to facilitate the adjustment for the instrument.
   6. Automatic processing and output records and certificates: It automatically completes data processing, generates the calibration record form and the calibration certificate.

Basic configuration list

NO. Name Style  Number  Note 
1 host PR1131or R1132 1 Signal collector, stand
2 Video interface board / line 1 Matching
3 Communication interface board / line 1
4 Industrial HD camera Matching
5 Special calibration software 1
6 digital multimeter KEITHLEY2000 1
7 computer lenover 1
8 printer HP1007 1
9 thermostatic oil bath(90~300)℃ PR511-300 1 Matching
10 heat pipe thermostatic oil bath(40~120)℃ PR621-120 1 Matching
11 refrigeration thermostatic  bath              (-20~95)℃ PR531-N20 1 Matching
12 Two standard platinum resistance thermometer WZPB-2 1
13 enclosure